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NorthWest Cottager

 This is the preferred, day tripper, bluegill tracking machine by both kids and K9's. The fifteen foot Cottager shows the water a paddleboard size flat section, that gives her loads of initial stability. This symmetrical design with a slight recurve to the stems is fun to build and a joy to take along for a relaxing sunset paddle.

NorthWest Cottager  Overall Length 15 ft
Rocker: Bow/Stern  2 in  

Beam at Gunwales  34 in  

Maximum Beam  36 in  4 in. 

Waterline 33½ in  

Sheer Bow/ Stern  21 in  

Amidships Depth  13½ in  

Approx Weight  50 lbs

NorthWest Tadpole

 Thinking of the kids, we designed the Tadpole. Fun. A pint-size canoe that’s easy to handle on and off the water. Grab the double blade - Tadpole feels remarkably stable with floor level seating. You’ll wonder why other people’s kids still paddle plastic kayaks. Coming in a tad short of 13-feet means you’ll have no trouble building a 30-pound Tadpole.

Light, nimble and quick to accelerate this symmetrical hull also makes a fantastic freestyle canoe for big kids. Position the seat a few inches below the gunwale and she transforms into a kneeling paddler’s polo pony. The design offers plenty of volume for a day paddle and really doesn’t care about your age.


 NorthWest Tadpole  Overall Length  12 ft 8 in
  Rocker: Bow/Stern  2 in 

Beam at Gunwales  26½ in  

Maximum Beam  28 in  4 in. 

Waterline  24½ in  

Sheer Bow/ Stern  16 in  

Amidships Depth  11 in  

Approx Weight  30 lbs


 John Winters said, “The Osprey was originally designed as my personal solo. It is what I perceived to be the ideal small solo canoe for Canadian wilderness travel. The designed displacement is adequate for a large padder on a long weekend trip, or a smaller paddler for longer trips. Unlike many American solos, this boat is heavily rockered forward with slightly less aft. The combination provides good maneuverability in smaller streams and excellent tracking on open water.”

Osprey  Overall Length  14 ft 10 in
Waterline Length  14 ft 2½  

Rocker: Bow/Stern  1¾ / ¾  

Maximum Beam  30 in  

Beam - Waterline  27¼ in  

Sheer Bow  19 in  

Amidships Depth  12¼ in  

Sheer Stern  16 in  

Displacement  283

NorthWest Passage Solo

 If you've admired the Merlin but wished for a solo with rocker, look no further. The Passage Solo gives you two inches of bow and an inch of stern rocker. Differential rocker provides maneuverability in heavy water, yet tracks when you lay the hull flat. If you're ready to build a solo canoe, but don't have the time or space for a stable-full of boats, the NorthWest Passage Solo will see you down the creek or take you on a week-long portage and paddle excursion.

NorthWest Passage Solo  Overall Length  15

Rocker: Bow/Stern  2 / 1 in  

Beam at Gunwales  27 in  

Maximum Beam  30 in  3 in. 

Waterline  26½ in  Sheer Bow  17 in

Amidships Depth  12 in  

Sheer Stern  15 in  

Approx Weight  40 lbs 


 The speed of a solo marathon racer, the maneuverability and seaworthiness you expect in a tripping canoe. A paddler with good sit-and-switch technique will make this boat fly. Barracuda is not for novices, the narrow waterline will keep you on your toes. But you won't be able to race the Barracuda; it’s too narrow to meet marathon spec. You won’t mind though. The best part of paddling Barracuda has nothing to do with competition and a lot to do with the thrill of flying over the water, and the possibility of making that ultra-light solo trip.

Barracuda  Overall Length  17 ft 3 in

Waterline Length  16 ft 9 in  

Rocker: Bow/Stern  2 / 1.3 in  

Maximum Beam  28 in  Beam - Waterline  243/8 in  

Sheer Bow  14.5 in  

Amidships Depth  10 in  

Sheer Stern  11.4 in  

Displacement  210 lbs

NorthWest Merlin

 So you're packing extra doughnuts, portage packs, taking dog for a paddle... you need a Merlin. The NorthWest Merlin gives you plenty of volume in an sleek 16 foot solo canoe. The lines of this seaworthy design provide more than eye candy, this efficient solo allows you to cover greater distances with fewer strokes.

NorthWest Merlin  Overall Length  16 ft

Rocker: Bow/Stern  1 / ½ in  

Beam at Gunwales  26½ in  

Maximum Beam  29 in  3 in 

Waterline  27 in  

Sheer Bow  16 in  

Amidships Depth  12 in  

Sheer Stern  14½ in  

Approx Weight 40 LBS


 Mattawa is quick, responsive and a delight to paddle wherever your journey takes you. Through subtle manipulating of hull shape, John Winters designed a canoe equally at home on flatwater or whitewater. Mattawa’s performance comes with a solid, stable feel, predictable stability that allows you to heel the wood strip canoe all the way to the gunwale. Mattawa is perfect for smaller paddling partners and weekend getaways.

Mattawa  Overall Length  15 ft 8 in

Waterline Length  14 ft 10 in 

Rocker: Bow/Stern  2 ½ / 1¾  

Maximum Beam  36 in  

Beam - Waterline  33 in  

Sheer Bow  22 in  

Amidships Depth  14½ in  

Sheer Stern  19½ in  

Freebrd @ 360 lbs  9 in 

NorthWest River

 You enjoy day trips on the local river? This is your canoe. The NorthWest River is sixteen feet of paddling fun. It carries a lot of stuff for a sixteen-foot canoe, so don’t be afraid to stay out longer. We designed this hull with prospector-like maneuverability while maintaining the stability and classic lines of canoes like the Minnesota Canoe Association’s Guide. It’s not the fastest canoe on the planet. Who cares? The NorthWest River fits everyone’s idea of how a canoe ought to look and behave.

NorthWest River  Overall Length  16 ft

Rocker: Bow/Stern  2½ in  

Beam at Gunwales  33½ in  

Maximum Beam  35½ in  4 in. 

Waterline  32½ in  

Sheer Bow / Stern  22 in  

Amidships Depth  14 in  

Approx Weight  55 lbs


NorthWest Cruiser

 Big lakes, big waves, big kids... the NorthWest Cruiser can handle them all. A NorthWest Canoe exclusive, this design shows the water nothing but sweet curves. It slips through water with little resistance. Gone for the summer or gone for a Sunday, the stable NorthWest Cruiser works to keep you, passengers and gear safe and dry. This efficient symmetrical design puts you in a canoe that's simple to build and a pleasure to paddle.

Northwest Cruiser  Overall Length  17 ft

Rocker: Bow/Stern  1 / 1 in  

Beam at Gunwales  33 in  

Maximum Beam  35 in  4 in. 

Waterline  33½ in  

Sheer Bow / Stern  18½ in  

Amidships Depth  14 in  

Approx Weight  55 lbs


 Winisk is your all around tripping canoe engineered for open water paddling. Canadian designer John Winters has travel hundreds of miles on Lake Superior and Georgian Bay in his Winisk. Its asymmetrical shape and 525 pound displacement make Winisk the ideal extended tripper, although many paddlers are perfectly happy taking their Winisk out for a weekend jaunt.

Winisk  Overall Length  17 ft 6 i

Waterline Length  17 ft  

Rocker: Bow/Stern  3¼ / 1 in  

Maximum Beam  36 in  

Beam - Waterline  32½ in  

Sheer Bow  21 in  

Amidships Depth  14 in  

Sheer Stern  19 in  

Freebrd @ 525 lbs.  9 in