NorthWest Professional Canoe Repair Shop.

The canoe doctors at NorthWest Canoe will not only install Kevlar skid plates or replace rotten/broken wood components...but can do all sorts of projects to get you and your paddle craft back on the water!

See below how to get an estimate and into our schedule. 

Skid plates


Extend the life of your canoe by applying Kevlar skid plates. If your canoe is a Royalex/T-formex hull (vinyl-ABS-foam sandwich); it's time for skid plates when lighter colored ABS material or foam core starts showing. If a composite canoe (Kevlar, fiberglass, carbon, etc.), exposed fabric on the bow or stern means it's time.  Have a composite kayak?  Skid strips look cool!

Gunwale Replacment


We offer both wood and aluminum gunwales. Gunwales stiffen, strengthen and protect the edges of the hull to help hold the shape of the boat and preserve it under all foreseeable uses and abuses. Gunwales also must be strong enough to support the seats, thwarts and yoke under all conditions. Need new gunwales...not sure?  See below to send us an email. 

Hull damage


Professional canoe repair Disasters happen...vehicles, tree limbs, river rocks, hail stones and wind storms all play parts in the disasters. When your hull is broken and twisted and you wonder whether it's worth repairing, see below to send us an email. If it is a composite or ABS layered can most likely paddle that boat again!!

Seats, Yokes, Thwarts, Deck Plates


Seats wear out, deck-plates and yokes can crack or rot, Let our experts give your old canoe new life and a new look.

Email us to get an estimate and schedule your repair

Please include description of work you want done and include photos. We will email you back with rough estimate. If OK, email us back to get in our schedule to be contacted when storage space for your boat opens up.

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