Canoe Seat repair

Look familiar? Good news, bench style wood-cane canoe seats are a universal canoe part.

Canoe Seat repair... Given a little time and simple hand tools you'll have your new canoe seats installed and be ready to hit the water. Do it now and avoid the 'Ah rats!' moment.

Go for the whole seat, not just cane replacement. Time and cost of replacing just the cane often exceeds what you'd spend on a new seat.

Replace both seats in your tandem canoe at the same time. Like headlights, when one gives out the second isn't far behind.

Remove the old seat and center it on top of the new canoe seat. Mark for 

cutting and drilling. You can leave the 

ruler in the drawer if the original seat fit OK.

Mark, cut and drill the bow seat first. The stern is narrower so you can recycle a faux pas to the stern.

Dab WATCO wood preservative on the exposed end grain to prolong the life of your new canoe seat.

This canoe repair won't break the budget. Check out our store for seats an mor

Replacment and repair options

Wood types

Accent your canoe using  Ash, Cherry or Walnut seats

Standard Seat

Use this seat to replace existing seats or upgrade from a hard plastic bench seat 

Contuour Seat

Contour canoe seats spell all-day comfort. The contour seat echoes the canoe's curves. 

Seat Material

 Choose from traditional looking cane or durable black web seat material. 

Installation Hardware

Seat hangers, Seat spacers, bolt assemblies and more..

Other Seating options

Duffers, Back Savers and Molded canoe seats